As our stylists schedules are constantly changing, we will contact you to double confirm the time and date of your appointment.


All Sozo stylists have over 10 years of experience, with pricing that is based on skill level.

Children 12 years or younger get 20% off
Students with a valid id get 15% discount

Prices include shampoo and blow dry.

Approx 50-60 min

DIMI | Creative Stylist790650380
BILLY | Senior Stylist660590350
ERIN | Senior Stylist660590350
Kurumi | Senior Stylist660590350
Yusuke | Senior Stylist660590350
Narumi | Senior Stylist660590350
Ayana | Stylist590510320
Hair Up (excl. shampoo)1,000+



A root tint is a permanent colour which can lighten or darken your hair and cover greys. Our stylists recommend a root tint on regrowth of approximately 1 inch or less.

Takes about 1 hour plus blow dry.

Full head colour

Treat your hair to an all-over color process to enhance and refine your color from roots to ends.

Approx 50-70 min plus blowdry


Bleaching your hair is an intensive process, so we highly recommend adding Olaplex and toner to your treatment. For first time clients please email us about your hair current condition and what you wish to achieve.

Bleaching starts from $1000.

Regrowth (less than 1 inch)720
Permanent Colour890 - 1,100
Hairline & Parting960 - 1,200



The tone of the color is defined by how much warmth (also known as brassiness) is in any hair color level. Tones can be warm (golden), cool (ashy), or neutral.

Toners last an average of 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how well you take care of your hair color.


A freehand technique where color is painted onto the hair to create a graduated, more natural looking highlight effect for gorgeous dimension and color. Full head balayage will take 2.5 to 4 hours

Color Correction

If you have color on your hair already and want a significant change you may fit into this service. We will ask you to email us a photo of your current hair and your hair goals, and we will consult you on what’s possible to achieve. Color corrections take multiple appointments to reach the ideal color. Price by consultation.

Roots Touch Up

Roots touch up is combined with highlights or balayage and will cover about 1 inch.

The prices below do not include the required blowdry or shampoo after treatment.

Half Head Highlights1,280 - 1,480
Full Head Highlights1,750 - 2,180
Balayage1,800 - 3,000
Balayage Touch Up900 - 1,600
Orangic Colour150+
Blowdry After Chemical Service250 - 400
Plus Roots Touch Up550


Prices vary depending on the length of the extension.
Sessions last for approx 45min

Tape Extensions18" x 20 pcs2,600
22" x 20 pcs2,900
Replacement Tape80 / piece


Digital perm

Digital perming is a procedure of permanently curling hair using a combination of chemical restructuring and heat.

A digital perm will take about 3 hours. The effects will last for 4-6 months.

Cold perm

Suitable for men with short to medium length hair. Cold perms create additional volume at top with strong curls.

Lasts 2-4 months.

Our professionals will consult with you on which perm is best for you in-person.
The cost of the perm varies depending on how long and how curly you want your hair. Very curly/afro styles may take up to 6 hours.
The prices below do not include the required blowdry or shampoo after the perm.
Sessions usually last for approx 1 – 2 hours

Set / Digital Perm1,500 - 2,200


Japanese Super Straightening

Japanese super straightening leaves your locks looking perfectly slick and wave-free for 5-6 months+

Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian blowout hair treatment is a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair to create a protective layer around each hair strand. It effectively diminishes frizz, seals the cuticle, and protects it against any external damage. Lasts 3-6 months

Sweeque straight 

The process is the same as Japanese Super Straight but the lotion used contains additional treatments that results in a more natural look. If you tried keratin straightening but it didn’t work well then this may be the solution for you! 

Unless noted, the required blowdrying or shampoo services are not included and will be added to the total after treatment.

Sessions last for approx 2.5 to 3.5 hours

ServiceShortShoulderLongExtra Long
Brazilian Blowout (add-on service price*)1,8502,1502,4502,750
Brazilian Blowout (stand-alone service)2,0502,4502,8003,100
Japanese Sweeque Straight (add-on service price*)1,7502,0002,3002,500
Japanese Sweeque Straight (stand-alone service price)2,0502,3002,6502,850

* add-on service price: Combine our Brazillian Blowout with a haircut for a $300 discount on your total.

* Stand-alone is the price for only this service.

Japanese Super Straight1,800 - 3,000
Fringe Super Straight500+



Olaplex is formulated to protect hair from chemical damage. It not only protects the hair from the coloring process, but it also prevents further damage, making the hair stronger, healthier and shinier.

Olaplex also helps mend some of the previous damage from making your hair blonde. Going blonde involves bleach, so blondes are particularly susceptible to brittle, damaged hair and hair breakage. (You girls with double-process platinum know especially what I’m talking about). Olaplex will help with that damage/breakage. Plus, because it is so effective in minimizing damage, your colourist may be able to take you lighter than would otherwise be possible.

Milbon Grand Linkage treatment

Milbon Grand Linkage treatment is an upgrade from the previous 3-step deep conditioning salon treatment. It comes with aromatherapy that instantly improves hair quality and texture without making your hair feel greasy or heavy. Your hair will feel and look silky, smooth and luxurious. The results will last for up to 5 weeks with homecare.

S-Aqua Beauty Hair Change

S-Aqua Beauty Hair Change is exclusively for women in their 30’s and 40’s who want their hair to shine forever! Your skin and face can be preserved with beauty treatments and makeup, but for your hair there are no anti-aging techniques; the only options are to change the colour and style. But with repeated hair colouration your hair ages quicker and the back of your head will end up giving the impression of an older woman.

Science Aqua was born with the concept of rejuvenating the beauty of your hair using the latest technology and a formula that contains water and amino acids. S-Aqua Beauty Hair Change is neither hair straightening nor treatment. It is a new moisturising technique to strengthen your hair and leave it silky and youthful.

Our moisturizing treatments require an in-person consultation.
Blowdrying or shampoo services are not included and will be added to the total after treatment.
Sessions last for approx 20 – 45 minutes

Olapex (add-on to other technical service price*)380 - 580
Olaplex (stand-alone price - includes blowdry)1,000
Grand Linkage (Add-on service price*, includes shampoo & blowdry)800
Grand Linkage (Includes shampoo and blowdry)1,150
Science - Aqua1,200 - 1,600

* add-on service price: This is the price offered when this service is bundled with another one (e.g. when a Brazillian Blowout is added to a haircut, we offer a $300 discount on the Brazilian Blowout).

* Stand-alone is the price for only this service.

** Technical services do not include haircut or blowdry, unless otherwise stated.