Hair Donation

Want to donate your hair to children in need? Sozo can help! Just follow these guidelines.

What are hair donations?

Hair donations are used to make medical wigs out of hair for children 18  years or younger who need it. The program is run by JHD&C which was started in 2009 as Japan’s first and only NPO dedicated to hair donations. All of JHD&C’s activities are funded by donations.

To be eligible for donation your hair needs to meet a few requirements:

  1. Your hair must be 31cm or longer from the cut end to the tip
  2. The hair must be completely dry
  3. Do not wet your hair before cutting it! Mold and bacteria can grow on wet hair and make it unusable.
  4. You must not have lice or other hair ailments
  5. Your hair must not be highly damaged hair (breaks when lightly tugged).

All types of hair are accepted.

  • Naturally curly, gray hair, colored hair, permed hair, bleached hair, even straightened hair is ok
  • Hair stored years ago is ok.
  • Hair donations from people currently in treatment or taking medication is ok.

If your hair meets these conditions, JHD&C will accept hair from all nationalities, genders, ages, and hair color.

Please send your hair to Japan Hair Charity and Donation (
For more information please contact our salon!